Fractional Program Director

Everyone seems to be doing stores these days, but we know stores are challenging with every store seemingly different. Our consulting clients have expressed their frustration with stores:

  • Should I even do them?
  • What software should I use?
  • Can the software integrate with my ERP system?
  • Do I have to manage the orders manually?
  • What workflow will make the process efficient?
  • Should any inventory be client owned?
  • How much inventory should I carry?
  • How much commission should I pay the rep?
  • What is a good gross profit margin for stores?
  • How can I make money doing stores?
  • Is the stress of stores worth it?
  • What about pop-up stores?
  • Are RFP’s worth the trouble?
  • Should I do fulfillment in-house or outsource?

Most distributors seem to know they have challenges with their store programs, but they aren’t sure what to do about it. Our Fractional Program Director Service is the solution!

Fractional Program Director

Fractional Program Director Services

Our fractional program director services start with a thorough review of your programs to assess their performance and efficiency. You’ll receive a comprehensive report and tailored recommendations to improve profitability. This cost-effective service grants you access to the knowledge and expertise of our program specialists.

Storefront Design Services

Explore our Storefront Design Services for a modern and user-focused shopping experience tailored to your clients’ preferences. Promo Consulting’s expert platform design services range from basic template-based themes to fully customized, on-brand designs crafted from scratch, ensuring we meet your specific requirements.

Program Management Services

We offer a wide range of program services that allows you to leverage our knowledge and expertise around key components of managing stores.