Let’s take a look at your current programs and see how they are running. In Stage 1, you’ll get a detailed report and recommendations for improvements. It’s an inexpensive way to receive the benefits of our industry and store experts. Stage 2 and Stage 3 are optional if you want to proceed to the next steps.

Stage 1 – Exploratory Review

Our program consultants will provide a strategic analysis of your company store & fulfillment program business. We will supply useful metrics to allow you and your team to visualize both the positive areas and challenges that exist in your program business model.

Review aspects include:

  • Overall profitability analysis of your store programs
  • Analysis of program NBD/Sales processes
  • Store setup & best practices analysis
  • Workflow/Efficiency analysis
  • KPI Report on key program metrics
  • Review call with your programs team
  • Detailed analysis of two existing store programs
    • Includes review of the client shopping experience
    • Includes reviewing in-place client contracts
  • We will provide suggestions for improvements to increase:
    • Program profitability
    • Standardize processes
    • Increase staff productivity
    • Reduce stress for your program team

We will provide a written report after the review that will note items that are in good shape as well as items that could use improvement and quote any potential Promo Consulting involvement and related costs. No additional work will be done without your prior approval.

Stage 2 – Program Cleanup – if needed

We will manage and implement suggested improvements based on the Exploratory Review above as approved by you in advance. Typically, this will involve coaching of your team on best practices and will address issues that your program staff can manage themselves. Some items may require more direct involvement by our team. A quote will be provided with the Exploratory Review report. The goal is to get your existing programs to a more profitable, manageable, and less stressful place going forward.

Stage 3 – Fractional Program Director Quarterly Services

This service is similar in scope to the Exploratory Review and includes a deeper dive into two different programs each quarter. The goal is to provide ongoing oversight and coaching to your program team while providing you with a quarterly detailed report on the overall health of your program business. This service is designed to make sure new programs are set up properly and that your staff is continuing to manage existing programs based on best practices to maximize profitability. In addition to the quarterly report, we will be available to consult on up to two new program opportunities per quarter.