Fractional CFO

If you have a bookkeeper handling daily finance tasks such as invoicing, A/R, A/P, etc., but think a little more high-level reporting and oversight would be beneficial, then we can help.

Distributors typically face a lot of uncertainty when it comes to their finances:

  1. Do you have a monthly/annual budget that matches your current business plan?
  2. Is your month-end up-to-date and being done regularly?
  3. Are you getting monthly bank reconciliation report to prevent theft or fraud?
  4. Are the daily transactions in your ERP system moving correctly to your accounting system?
  5. Are you getting monthly financial reports such as a P&L and Balance Sheet?
  6. Are you confident your financial statements are accurate?
  7. Are you getting monthly budget vs actual reports to track your financial progress?
  8. Are you getting monthly finance staff KPI reports to gauge workload and activities?
  9. Are you getting a monthly report that outlines financial risks you may be facing based on recent trends?
  10. Is year-end a stressful time that seems to take forever?
  11. Do you have a domestic finance consultant with an accounting degree and over 15-years of promo industry experience including being Controller for a large, complex distributorship that you can call and discuss any finance issues with?

Let your staff handle the day-to-day and let Promo Consulting provide you with financial peace of mind by providing the critical analysis you need every month.

We’ll analyze your current processes and situation, get any backlogs caught up, provide your staff with coaching on finance best practices and provide you with a monthly report that will leave you feeling confident that your books are accurate and healthy.

We’ll do your month end for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO!

Fractional CFO