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Why choose Promo Consulting to help you get to that next level of success?

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Randy Conley, President

randy@promoconsulting.net | 201-256-5891

I’ve been in your shoes and have been through all the challenges you are facing with lots of success and some failure along the way. I started in sales then built my own successful distributorship. I moved to consulting then had a great 13-year run helping Facilisgroup grow from early stages to a public company. Along the way, I consulted with and learned from some of the best distributors in the business. I witnessed the success strategies of owners who took their business from $5 million to $35 million and retired wealthy.

I’m now at the giving back stage of my 40+ year career in promo and am enjoying helping successful distributors achieve their personal and business goals. Are we a fit for you? Let’s schedule a 30-minute introductory Zoom and find out.

Ron Baellow, Senior Consultant

ron@promoconsulting.net | 434-531-3385

Ron Baellow is a familiar face and valued consultant in the promotional products industry. While building his own distributorship into a 17-employee award-winning business, Ron also became a leader and advisor to business owners throughout the country. While strategically helping distributor owners improve sales, profitability, team cohesiveness, and personal growth, Ron also worked with business leaders to implement real, doable action steps – not generic concepts – so they see true progress and tangible results.

Ron’s consulting philosophy is a perfect complement to the Promo Consulting team: “Growth is my focus. No one has hired me yet to keep them where they are! I find out what hurts, look at processes, and analyze them. Then, together we develop an action plan that taps into team members’ strongest talents, put the plan to work, and make sure everyone follows the plan through accountability and positive reinforcement. Everyone will see the results of their role along the way. In medicine, prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. I use this same philosophy when I work with business leaders. I don’t have a single remedy for all situations. I determine the source of what ails the business, then I help develop a plan to cure it.”

Ron sold his distributorship Bright Ideas in 2022. His family’s succession plan was put into place years before the sale, which along with the experience and insight of their transaction and transition, makes him a valuable partner to help you plan, negotiate, and successfully sell your business.

Alexis Aubry, Vice President

In addition to business consulting, Alexis is running the Fractional CFO services offered by Promo Consulting and is a 15-year promotional products industry veteran. She spent 4 years as Controller of a Facilisgroup Distributor Partner and the last 11 years at Facilisgroup working with distributors to transform their businesses and scale profitably.  During her time at Facilisgroup she’s had the opportunity to work with nearly all 230 distributors to implement the Syncore technology, with a specialty in finance, workflow, and efficiencies. With a background in accounting, extensive industry knowledge and Syncore expertise, she brings the high-level skills needed to manage the financial health of your company.

Her qualifications include:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, specializing in accounting.
  2. Controller and Operations Manager at a large distributor using the Syncore platform to run their business.  Presided over the finance department and managed over 100 e-commerce programs in this role.
  3. Extensive Syncore experience including every module within the technology platform.
  4. Spent 8 years working with distributors in onboarding, implementation, training, and support as they became a Facilisgroup partner.  Also provided ongoing strategic support for distributors to help them achieve their goals.
  5. Responsible for the finance training and finance/accounting support for all Facilisgroup Partners.
  6. Managed the Brightsites eCommerce integration project and supported Inventory/e-commerce for all Facilisgroup Partners.

Alexis lives in the Lancaster, PA area with her husband, 8-year-old daughter, 8-month-old baby girl, and their 3 kitties.  She enjoys spending time with her family, loves the beach, gardening, and traveling to new places.