Trish Glazer
On the eve of closing this amazing deal you have structured I just want to thank you. Thank you for your brilliance and your problem solving skills. Thank you for your smart negotiations and suggestions. I so appreciated your patience with me and with the buyers team – how you walked me through my questions sometimes over and over again until I felt sure. You truly realize what a huge undertaking selling even a small company is and have shown me not just your business acumen but empathy and understanding of the emotional side as well. I feel like I even had a therapist all the way through! Lastly thank you for taking my calls no matter when I made them. I would tell anyone looking to enhance their business or sell it that they would definitely get their money’s worth TENFOLD to hire you and the Promo Consulting team.   One last THANK YOU!

Trish Glazer

CEO at Glazer

Michael Rowe
We thought our finance department was in good shape and didn’t really think we needed this service. But why not do it? It’s inexpensive to get an industry expert’s review and at the worst, we would confirm that we are in a great place. While the Promo Consulting Exploratory Review confirmed we were “better than most”, we still had some things that impacted our P&L that need to be cleaned up. The report was more than just where we are today; it also included suggestions to fix issues and improve processes going forward. This was great value!
Scott Dunstan
We knew we needed help in this area but weren’t sure where to go. Our CPA doesn’t really know our industry and doesn’t know Syncore at all. Our bookkeeper is great, although we weren’t receiving month ends properly, so I couldn't trust my financial statements. After hiring Promo Consulting to help us with growth strategies, this new service came along at the right time! We knew we weren’t perfect in the finance department, but the Exploratory Review report really opened our eyes. Getting that initial review was a great investment and now we have a plan for improvement!
Neil Kalnitz
The Promo Consulting team did a phenomenal job. We were worried about our finance team's egos when bringing in an outside consultant, but they handled this in a professional manner and quickly developed a friendly rapport with our team, which positioned them as someone who could help. The report they provided was comprehensive and clearly outlined where we were doing things well and where we had room for improvement. It’s going to be nice to be able to trust our financial statements as we plan and budget for rapid growth!
Working with Alexis at Promo Consulting as our Fractional CFO has been transformative for our business. Her expertise in financial strategy and keen eye for detail has provided invaluable insights that have guided us through financial decisions with confidence.  In addition, her knowledge between Syncore and QuickBooks is unmatched.  We had a lot of clean-ups between the two systems and after several failed attempts in other directions, she was the first person to be able to help us tie everything together correctly.   Alexis seamlessly integrates into our team, offering proactive solutions and clear communication every step of the way. Her dedication and professionalism have truly elevated our financial management, allowing us to focus on growth and innovation. I wholeheartedly recommend Alexis to any organization in need of top-tier financial leadership.

Sarah Johnston

Owner at Promospark

Shimon Kaminetzky
Randy’s deep and seasoned knowledge of the promo world makes him an invaluable mentor which has enabled us to design a strategic path for continued growth and success. As a former distributor and industry executive he brings rare and relevant experience that is unparalleled. Two thumbs up!

Shimon Kaminetzky

Partner at Booker Promo

Darlene Blaum
We engaged Randy to help Peernet identify key metrics and develop reporting that would be beneficial to our owners in managing their business as well as help gauge their business' performance against industry performance. Randy has an impressive level of industry knowledge and brought significant value to us in creating this business tool. Randy spoke to our group on two occasions, and also facilitated individual calls with our distributor members. Randy is a professional--he is a good listener with the ability to quickly identify areas of opportunity and offer growth-oriented solutions. We are grateful for his contributions and look forward to our next project with Promo Consulting!

Darlene Blaum

CEO at PeerNet

Joseph Ausband
Randy has been instrumental to our success & focus as an organization. His critical thinking, business acumen and experience in the promo industry has helped lead our company on track for 30%+ growth in year one!
Ken Leslie
Randy has been instrumental in our business growth. His wealth of knowledge and experience has focused our attention and helped us reorganize in a way that puts us on a path of sustainable, scalable growth in sales and profitability. His insight and wisdom are invaluable and have not only saved us time, money, and energy, but have also helped alleviate stress and improve our work-life balance as owners. Thanks to expert guidance we are better leaders to our team and our company is now stronger than ever and well prepared for the future.
Rich Berg
Randy developed an excellent program for our Owner Success Team that is allowing us to have deeper and more meaningful coaching sessions with our Owners (distributor members). This consultative approach is all about the Owner’s business needs and opportunities for increased sales and profits. So, these coaching engagements go far beyond just our services as we are providing our Owners with an accountability partner that can help them with every part of their business.
David Houston, Delta Marketing Group
Randy provided us with the proper guidance at the right time, using his vast experience to help us focus and naturally recognize what our bandwidth was not to overwhelm us so we could implement changes to our organization. His guidance and strategy have structured our agency for long-term success and the confidence that we have his continued support.