We will help you and your company set and achieve your goals. Often, discussions with an outside consultant can have you reconsidering your goals and how you are going to define success.

Customized Solutions

Solutions are customized to suit your specific needs. Although most distributors we work with have a strong desire to scale growth, each has different hurdles to overcome along the way. Our discovery process identifies your unique challenges and opportunities – we’ve seen it all over the years and can guide you towards proven solutions.

Discovery Process

Our discovery process typically starts with a 2-day in-person retreat at or near your office. Day 1 is mostly about reviewing your current business, where you came from, and how you got where you are today. Day 2 is where we start to discuss strategies that will get you moving towards your goals.

Ongoing Support

Regularly scheduled 90-minute Zoom sessions occur roughly 5 times per quarter. These consulting sessions focus on developing the goals, strategies and action items that will make up your business plan for growth. Of course, you’ll run into challenges and opportunities along the way, and we’ll be right there with you to help you stay focused and keep moving forward with actions that have been proven to be successful.


Most owners find it lonely at the top – we’ve been there and get it. You provide accountability to your team to help them stay focused on achieving their goals, but who provides that benefit to you? As your “accountability partner”, we’ll help you stay focused on the important strategic items that will get you working more often on strategy instead of getting lost in the weeds of daily operations. Our consulting sessions include lots of note taking on a shared document that ends with action items and always starts with an agenda and review for accountability. Successful business owners know they need accountability and having an industry peer on your team that can relate to what you are going through will help you take your business to that next level.

Challenging Your Thinking

You’ve done it your way for years now and have achieved some success. Doing the same things you’ve always done won’t necessarily get you where you want to go.

  • Are you open-minded to new ideas?
  • Do you recognize that taking your business, and lifestyle, to the next level might require you to do some things differently?

A good consultant will challenge you to think about your options and perhaps even try new methods that may be slightly out of your comfort zone. Ultimately, all decisions are yours of course, but with more information, you’ll make better decisions and have more success.


Things won’t always go as planned and when emergency situations are stressing you out and you can’t wait for our next scheduled call, we’ll be available for a quick consultation to help you think your way through things and come up with an action plan. This is an important part of being on your team!


Getting you on a path to success shouldn’t take forever. Our job is to help you determine a good path, obtain a certain amount of success and proof of concept and then get out of your way and let you execute and keep more of your money for yourself. Experience tells us that the initial intense engagement period lasts approximately 12-24 months and then can gradually taper in frequency and cost. Moving to once per month sessions and eventually to even once per quarter sessions is not uncommon. Every situation is different, and we’ll adapt to your needs as you find success.